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American Metal 6" x 36" Insulated Triple Wall Chimney Stove Pipe

American Metal 6" x 36" Insulated Triple Wall Chimney Stove Pipe 

Pipe sections combine corrosion-resistant stainless steel and sturdy galvanized steel for strong chimney construction. Lightweight pipe with snap-lock joints offers faster, easier installations. Features a space-age refractory blanket between the stainless steel/galvanized walls to withstand intermittent temperatures up to 2100°F as called for in UL 103 HT Standard. Requires 2" air space to combustibles.


  • Chimney pipe can withstand 2100°F
  • Combination of resistant stainless steel and galvanized steel makes it strong and avoids corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • 3WALL
  • Snap-lock joints offer faster, easier installation
  • ID: 6"
  • OD: 9"
  • SIZE : 6"x36"
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  1. My first metal chimney.

    Daniel (Submitted on Nov 16th 2017)

    I ordered this specific chimney pipe because of the price different over the competitors chimney pipe. I ended up saving close to 250 bucks. The only notable difference is that the exterior layer of pipe is galvanized, instead of the stainless steel of the others. The snap together connections were terribly easy to install. The top cap in there thru-ceiling kit was stainless entirely, and the starting piece was easy to install as well. I expect it will provide plenty of service for me and my house.