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Lodge Logic CRS15 15" Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

Lodge Logic CRS15 15" Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

Lodge Logic 15" Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet is made of 12 gauge carbon steel it is brutally tough and takes high heat for browning and searing. It maintains very low and very high temperatures, making the pan a highly effective and versatile cooking piece. This 15-inch paella-style skillet is constructed of carbon steel so it takes well to high heat. Each skillet is factory seasoned with natural soy bean oil. This easy release oil finish improves with use. Carbon steel performs extremely well in residential kitchens and is preferred in professional kitchens. Suitable for all types of heating sources including electric, gas, glass, induction, oven and campfire. It performs extremely well over open flame. The 15-inch Seasoned Steel Skillet is a great choice for cooking for a large group whether in the dining room or around the campfire. It's also great for Paellas, a Spanish dish prepared by simmering together chicken, seafood, rice, vegetables, and saffron and other seasonings. Paella is usually cooked in the open air over a hot wood fire so that the dish can be infused with the smoke flavor. If maintained correctly, it will last a lifetime.

Lodge Logic CRS15 15" Skillet Features:

  • Foundry seasoned and ready to use
  • Takes high heat well
  • 12 gauge carbon steel
  • Use on all heat sources except microwave ovens
  • Lodge Logic CRS15
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