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ZipWall 4 Pack 10 Foot Light Weight Spring Loaded Poles for Plastic

Four Pack Pole Kit With the ZP4 kit, one person can create a sturdy barrier in a matter of minutes. The Plus Kit has everything you need to create a dust-tight barrier in any work area. With the ZipPole Four-Pack you can create a dust barrier up to 30 feet long, and you can use the system again and again. The ZP4 includes four ZipPole Spring-Loaded Poles, two Standard Zippers, and a convenient Carry Bag that can hold up to 12 poles. Plastic sheeting is not included. Winner of the Remodeling Show 2009 Best New Product Award The ZipPole product is made of steel for durability and strength. These poles can support up to 80 pounds each, and their height can be adjusted from 4' 2" to 10' 3". They can handle plastic or cloth sheeting up to eight mils thick. In fact, ZipPole products are the winner of the Remodeling Show 2009 Best New Product Award, and they have all the patented features of the original award-winning ZipWall Spring-Loaded Poles. Ideal for a Wide Range of Construction ProjectsThis system is ideal for a wide variety of residential, commercial, and DIY projects that create dust or other potentially harmful debris. These projects include demolition, drywall work, plaster repairs, insulating walls and ceilings, sanding and painting, chimney work, kitchen and bath renovation, and more. Small and lightweight, the ZipPole Four-Pack is easy to handle and can fit in the trunk of a car. Easy to Use, No-Damage InstallationZipWall systems remove the need for tape, staples, glue, furring strips, and ladders when creating a temporary dust barrier. This saves time and it eliminates costly repairs to finished surfaces. Sheeting is securely attached at the top of the pole by sandwiching the material between the interlocking head and plate. The twist-locking telescoping pole lets you raise the sheeting quickly and easily without a ladder. All ZipWall pole systems feature Spring Loading at the top. This lets you lift the pole to tuck the sheeting underneath for easy setup. It also maintains constant tension on the pole, compensating for movement at the ceiling or at the floor if the poles are bumped, or if there is a lot of air movement at the jobsite. The ZipPole barrier system is locked in place with non-skid, non-marking pads at the top of each pole. These pads grab the ceiling like magic. The non-skid GripDisk keeps the foot of each pole and the sheeting locked in position at the floor. Ideal for Dropped Ceilings or When Running Negative/Positive Air PressureThe ZipPole product is ideal for dropped ceilings. Just place the poles so the tops push against the grid. Then, follow the grid until you have created a barrier of desired size. Spring Loading keeps the barrier in position by automatically adjusting the pole height to compensate for any movement of the grid during setup. If you are renovating a space where negative or positive air pressure is required, the non-skid pad at the top of the pole, the non-skid GripDisk under the foot of the pole, and internal Spring Loading will keep the ZipWall dust barrier securely in position. Create a Doorway Easily with the Standard Self-Adhesive ZippersWith the two Standard Zippers included in the ZP4 kit, you can create a doorway anywhere in the plastic sheeting. Use one zipper for a simple doorway or place two zippers side by side to create a wide roll-up doorway. The wide doorway makes it easy to move equipment and building materials in and out yet still maintain a dust-tight seal when closed. Easy, One-Person Installation in Just MinutesUsing old-fashioned methods, a barrier 30 feet long and 10 feet high would take between one and three hours to erect. With the ZipPole Spring-Loaded Poles, the same barrier can be installed in a matter of minutes. Unlike barriers made with tape, staples, glue, or furring strips, this dust barrier system won't come down unexpectedly or cause damage to finished surfaces. Best of all, you can use a ZipWall dust barrier system again and again. Works with Other ZipWall ProductsThe ZipPole Four-Pack gives you the complete framework for a 30-foot-long sealed workspace. All you need is a roll of plastic sheeting. If you want to enclose a larger space, purchase additional ZipPole Spring-Loaded Poles in the convenient the ZP2 Two-Pack. This ZipPole product can be used with ZipWall's Tight Seal accessories, including Foam Rails, to create a continuous seal along the ceiling. It can be used with the ZipWall Side Pack to create a continuous seal along the walls. Doorways can easily be created with ZipWall's Heavy-Duty or Standard Zippers. If you are working with ceilings over 10 feet tall, you can purchase ZipWall's original 12-foot Spring-Loaded Poles in the handy SLP2 Two-Pack, SLP6 Six-Pack, or Four-Pack Plus Convenience Pack. For cathedral or vaulted ceilings, or ceiling heights over 12 feet, you can also purchase ZipWall's 20-foot KT-20 Spring-Loaded Poles.

What's in the Box: The ZipPole ZP4 Kit includes four 10-foot Spring-Loaded Poles, a box of two Standard Zippers, a 12-Pole capacity Carry Bag, and all necessary adapters, plates, and tethers.

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