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ZipWall 4pk 10ft Light Weight Spring Loaded Poles for Plastic

Four Pack Pole Kit With the ZP4 kit, one person can create a sturdy barrier in a matter of minutes. The Plus Kit has everything you need to create a dust-tight barrier in any work area. With the ZipPole Four-Pack you can create a dust barrier up to 30 feet long, and you can use the system again and again. The ZP4 includes four ZipPole Spring-Loaded Poles, two Standard Zippers, and a convenient Carry Bag that can hold up to 12 poles. 

What's in the Box: The ZipPole ZP4 Kit includes four 10-foot Spring-Loaded Poles, a box of two Standard Zippers, a 12-Pole capacity Carry Bag, and all necessary adapters, plates, and tethers.

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